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About Us

Solving Digital Technology for emerging markets and climate tech


About Enable

We are a team of passionate technology experts – experts in information technology and passionate about making the world a better place.

Enable offers flexible, future-proof, digital technology and data management solutions to clients in emerging markets. Our clients are providing essential goods and services for their customers in emerging market sectors such as Agriculture, Energy, Mobility and Waste. We support entrepreneurs and social innovators in emerging markets to grow their businesses more affordably and efficiently.

We also work closely with investors in these sectors by helping them make the best investment decisions – providing insights to the portfolio’s IT, helping them understand and trouble-shoot the issues they face, and providing engine-room support to ensure their portfolio can grow and develop.

What We Do

Enable is an IT advisory and solutions company, guiding our customers through the process of digitalisation and setting up efficient, technology-driven processes and IT infastructures.

As a team, we have extensive experience across operational, financial and technical aspects, with previous careers in companies such as Google, Accenture, IBM, AT Kearney, JP Morgan, SAP, Ericson and UBS. We also have significant expertise in the impact ecosystem (specifically PAYG energy).

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What We Believe In

Fight climate change

Climage change is one of the biggest challenge of our times. We believe that clean and reliable energy for everyone can be achieved without polluting the planet.

Ambition & passion

We embrace ambition and we are a group of passionate people. We see opportunities everywhere, we want to lead and improve and not follow or support.

Meaning over profit

Solving big problems offers commercial opportunities, but more importantly, our work means something to us, to our customer and theirs.

Prioritize emerging markets

A focus on companies that provide essential products and services to underserved communities in emerging markets makes the world a better & fairer place.

Collaborate to add value

We see ourselves as part of a bigger effort and believe efficient collaboration is critical — collaboration in the team, with customers, and with stakeholders.

Our Story

In a survey conducted by Shell Foundation in 2017, 90% of impact ventures reported that IT was a major bottleneck. On average, the surveyed companies used 7 different, non-connected software applications to conduct their business, creating data silos, duplication and inefficient processes.

enable|digital was created by the Shell Foundation and Persistent Energy in order to solve this problem, with the business model to enable impact ventures in emerging markets to grow quickly by utilizing digitized processes and tailored, connected and optimized IT infrastructure.

With Enable’s genesis in the off-grid energy sector, many of our clients are from this space. However with many of the fundamentals and learnings being broadly applicable across adjacent sectors, Enable has also worked with several clients in mini-grids and Commercial & Industrial solar. Building upon these we have also experience in other last-mile distribution companies, including solar irrigation, sanitation, waste management, and healthcare.

The core focus of Enable has always been firmly on emerging markets, and as such we have experience in working across over a dozen Sub-Saharan African countries, as well as in India, and also with companies based elsewhere who themselves are strongly focused on developing in emerging markets.


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