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Data Management Services

Turning data into insights and centralizing data access

Solving Data for impact ventures

Why Data Services?

Enable sees SMEs in emerging markets face the following problems with Data:

  • Data is kept in many locations and maintained by multiple people, making it hard to find the relevant information as well as control accesses
  • Retrieving information is difficult and costly due to non-optimized data models
  • Companies miss out on funding as they have no clear overview of the KPIs investors are looking for

What Data Services do Enable provide?

By better understanding and managing their data organizations can make better decisions, track their KPIs and present a comprehensive view of their operations and needs to potential investors. Enable offer a broad scope of data management services, including:


Data Assessment & Advisory

We assess your current data set-up and identify the pain points and opportunities for improvement. We look into topics such as: process efficiency, data soundness, data security and hidden costs.

Data Infrastructure

We design and implement the most optimal storage solution for your data. We help centralize the access to company data and optimize it for use on dashboards.

Business Intelligence

We turn your data into information, and provide consolidated, visual insights into your organization.

Unleash the potential of your data


Good data practices can help you make better decisions, optimize your processes, understand your customers, detect fraud and unlock funding. Are you ready to reap the full benefits?  


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