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Software Comparison

Finding the best software tools for your organisation

Solving IT for impact ventures



Which software is best?


We often see organizations struggle with specific areas of their business, such as inventory management, mobile apps or loan account management. There are plenty of tools in the market, all claiming to be the best, but the key stakeholders in the organization simply don’t find time in their busy schedules and lack expertise to conduct proper research and choose the right one.

Having had experience with dozens of different set-ups for SMEs in emerging markets, we offer advisory in choosing the right tool for organizations which struggle with a specific area. We do this through:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Tool research and testing
  • Conversations with several providers

As a result of the project, we deliver a report with tool comparison and recommendations.

We can also help you set up the chosen software and train the end users.

What software do I need?

There are tools for many different use cases and different functional areas. Some of the most commons ones are:

Logistics & Inventory


Field Service apps

Finance & Accounting


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