Technology Due Diligence

Providing investors with insights and confidence

Why Technology Due Diligences?

Investors have traditionally focused on the core assets and liabilities that a company holds, but in 2021 this scope is no longer enough. The digital revolution has come to Africa, impacting every aspect of business generation and unlocking untold opportunity, and as such it has never been more vital that companies effectively use technology to reach these new markets.

Any investor looking to grow its portfolio must therefore take into account the technology a company uses. In years gone by, this may have been a cursory look at the IT infrastructure, and a quick interview to the CTO (if they had one). In order to be successful in the current market, full of technological complexity as it is, you must now go beyond this simple review.

For investors used to traditional Due Diligence processes, this provides a fundamental challenge – they tend to have a financial background which gives them expertise in identifying market opportunities and assessing business plans. They are usually not technology experts, and face barriers in effectively evaluating complex technology solutions.

Why Technology Due Diligence is important

By better understanding their portfolio companies, investors can make better investing decisions. Technology plays a large part in determining the success or failure of modern companies, and this is where Technology Due Diligences can provide value:


Confidence in your investing decision

Just as you wouldn’t invest without intimately understanding the P&L of a company, you shouldn’t invest without understanding whether their technology can support their plans. Enable can provide the confidence you need to be sure in your decision.

Practical recommendations

By providing clear and insightful recommendations, we can show you how the technology of an organisation needs to adapt in order to support and potentially catalyse the companies growth. These recommendations can ensure your investment capital is put to effective and efficient use.

Embedded & impartial

Working with both investors and the portfolio companies themselves, we have a unique insight to how organisations use their technology across multiple sectors, and what investors are looking for to make their decisions.

Team of technologists

Enable is full of people who are passsionate technologists. We understand how to turn desired function into reality, and have deeply technical backgrounds which allows us to get into the details of whatever solution and see its strengths and weaknesses.


“Technology Due Diligence acknowledges the vital importance of effective technology in this market, and Enable’s expertise provides a key component in shaping our investment strategy”

Triple Jump, Impact Investors


What type of questions will be covered?

Can the technology support a 10x scaling of sales?


What are the IT pain points giving friction to the operations?


Is the technical team able to grow and develop the tech stack?


Is their data and system secure and protected from bad actors?

A remote-first service


In these days of global pandemics and volatile markets, performing a Due Diligence can be challenging. That’s why being able to run these Due Diligences remotely is vital – not only does it provide significant savings on travel expenses, it allows you to receive a detailed, high quality report that satisfies your needs as a diligent investor in a timely fashion. Even before COVID-19, Enable had been working remotely and so we have now built up years of experience in effectively managing cross-border, cross-time-zone global projects.

Make better investment decisions


If you are an investor looking to improve the quality of your investments, you can’t afford to not understand the technology your portfolio is using. The digital revolution is here – are you ready for it?


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